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Comprehensive Visa Application Services  


Welcome to our Comprehensive Visa Application Service

This is the path followed by majority of our clients across a range of visa categories including skilled, business, family, student, tourist and other visas. You can avoid the stress of making mistakes and not fully addressing the required criteria while we prepare your application and liaise with Department of Immigration and Citizenship and other authorities on your behalf.

Why Sublime Migration Services?

By fulfilling all requirements, we are authorised by Australian Migration Legislation to offer immigration assistance to our valued clients in Australia and from around the world. Australian law also ensures quality of service for clients, like yourself, and we are bound to provide acceptable standard services according to the Code of Conduct embedded in Australian legislation. In simple words, we do not afford to provide substandard service and are equipped with the knowledge of Australian Migration Law that can be crucial in preparation of your visa application.

Given the peace of mind that you have fully engaged someone professionally equipped with knowledge of relevant Australian legislation for the process of preparation and lodgement of your application, cost of these services is negligible. We start working on your application as soon as we get intimation of payment of required charges.

This is how it works:

Step 1:

Once you decide to choose our paid services, please read the terms of our service by clicking the button below:

Terms of our service

Step 2:

If applicable in your case, take our Free Online Assessment by clicking the following link:
Free Online Assessment
Currently it is available for Skilled and Business category applicants.

Next, Send us email to engage our office for Complete Case Handling of your case at:


Your email should include:


 Your name and address


Name of person who made payment (or name printed on Credit Card/Debit Card if paying online), reference number, date of payment, and country of payment

 Your particulars, including your detailed CV (Resume)

Type of Australian visa you are interested in

Step 3: 

You will be sent a detailed Questionnaire and a Contract to engage our office. Fill in the Questionnaire, sign the contract and send it back to our office by Email ( info@sublimemigration.com) or Post.

Our office address is:

Sublime Migration Services
Level 7, 91 Macquarie St
Parramatta NSW 2150

Step 4:

We shall inform you about your visa eligibility and all fees involved. Send the fees (exactly as indicated by your Registered Migration Agent) by one of the following methods:

Online Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card

Bank Transfer

Western Union/Money Gram

Money Order

We are connected online to our accounts and shall start processing your intention for engaging our office as soon as we get intimation from our (nationally and internationally) well reputed bank on receipt of your payments.

After this, you need to provide the requested documentation and information necessary to lodge your application. We shall liaise on your behalf with Department of Immigration and other relevant bodies for processing of your application. You are welcome to enquire about progress of your application by using our paid members’ Email service from the Sublime Migration Services’ website.


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