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After a long history of improvements made in Australian migration programmes, visas issued to skilled workers now exceed those issued in any other category. General Skilled Migration Programme comprises of many avenues for permanent migration and subsequent Australian citizenship for skilled workers from occupations currently needed in Australia.

Applicants need to qualify for one of a number of visa subclasses available in this programme. Dependent family members of the family unit can also be included in the visa application. After living in Australia and fulfilling other requirements, Permanent Residents can be eligible for Australian Citizenship.

Under amendments introduced in January 2009, applicants can be assigned different processing priorities depending on a number of factors. Choosing the right occupation to apply for skills assessment, following right strategy for migration, and fulfilling relevant requirements of DIAC are critical and can affect outcome of the visa application.


By fulfilling all requirements, we are authorised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority to offer immigration assistance to our valued clients in Australia and from around the world. Australian law also ensures quality of service for clients, like yourself, and we are bound to provide acceptable standard services according to the Code of Conduct embedded in Australian legislation. In simple words, we do not afford to provide substandard service and are equipped with the knowledge of relevant Australian legislation that can be crucial in preparation of your visa application.

We handle applications for all skilled migration visa types. You can trust us to efficiently assist you in the visa application process in a legitimate and comfortable way.

Check online your eligibility by visiting our 

or send your details by email at


Immigration Services
Skilled Professionals
Business Persons
Submissions for DIBP and Review Tribunals
We have a team of experienced lawyers, migration agents and technical writers to prepare winning submissions for different visas (e.g. Subclass 457, 187, 186, etc) and review appeals at the AAT. What makes us different from other writers in the market is our knowledge of Migration Law and our professional experience of dealing with Department of Immigration, Review Tribunals, Courts, and other authorities.
The Colours of Australia
All Australians have the right to express their culture and beliefs and to participate freely in Australia's national life while respecting the Australian law. Everyone is expected to uphold the principles and shared values that represent and support Australia's way of life. These include dignity and freedom of individuals, freedom of speech and religion, democracy, equality, and respect of law.
Significance of 05 Nov 2011
This date is important for International students in Australia planning to live beyond their student visa with full work rights. Graduate Visa, subclass 485, is the popular way followed after completion of Australian study. Students, who applied for their first Student Visa before 05 Nov 2011, can only avail Graduate Work stream of this visa and need to have their occupation listed in Skilled Occupation List.


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